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Sorn Castle Farming


Sorn Estate runs an ‘in-hand’ farming operation with over 5,000 acres of lowland grazing and almost two thousand ewes which live here and feed on the natural flora and fauna. There are many herbs, different grasses and of course an abundance of heather that make up their diet and add to the amazing flavour of the meat.

The land is split into two parts at different levels. The low ground farms of Dykeneuk and Brocklar have a flock of cross ewes and pure Black Face ewes. The cross ewes are tupped with either a Blue Faced Leicester of Texel Tup which gives the sheep the size and strength needed to sustain themselves in the harsh Scottish winter.  On the high ground at Weitshaw and Auchmannoch, black face ewes are well adapted to the wild expanse of hill and higher ground.

Agricultural Environment Schemes help us to manage the land effectively for all wildlife and provide the most natural and abundant habitat. Stock has been reduced on the hills and with a careful program of heather burning, we hope to see that regenerate and create a more desirable habitat for grouse. As soon as you are out on the moor you will hear the sounds of many song birds and this is something we wish to preserve and encourage. The haunting calls of the curlew and oyster catcher are a particular favourite.