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Sorn Castle Forestry


The woodland on the estate covers about eight hundred acres and is a mixture of broadleaved and indigenous conifer which offers a variety of objectives. The woodlands are spread across the estate and form an integral part of the estate’s history, structure and use.

Surprisingly, Scotland has a very low percentage of woodland cover compared with other countries in Europe, although it has increased over the last century. It is our objective to provide and create a native landscape and restore woodland planted with non-native species. This will provide richer and more diverse habitats for wildlife as well as a better long term storage solution for carbon, as well as provide the estate with the fuel to assist with the renewable schemes in place. In turn, this provides secure jobs within the community which will enhance the rural economy. Therefor, a constant restructuring of the woodlands is considered and ongoing due to its varied age and make-up.

The single largest block of woodland was planted in 2001 and consists of young commercial conifer species which will mature over a forty year span. The estate’s forestry is managed under the Forestry Commission Long Term Forest Plan and not only provides fuel for the biomass boilers but also can be used for commercial timber, building materials, amenity and sporting uses.